mercredi 30 juillet 2008

It is not really like

A soul searching thing.
It is more like finding new ways.
Before coming on the net, I would never have dream to speak and write openly about my relationships.
And now I realise I did.
And I am happy enough to put an end to that extreme behaviour.
I don't know exactly what did the trick as I am quite reserved in true life.
Well, except when I trust people....
But then it happens mostly in the opposite way.
People trust me and tell me their secrets.
And I never know why and never get used to it either.
But now, this is different.
Meeting someone online, especially when you aren't searching is a strange experience.
Because most of the time when all is said, one of the 2 or both reject the very thing which brought them together.
This is the case of my friend.
I suppose that as I wasn't searching for a soulmate, it seems obvious to me that now I found him, I won't start it, now....
And I admit that love implies concessions.
So after I used the net to try myself at writing I must find new subjects.
I honestly thought it would be easier as we have a topic that should be talk about.
But it takes 2 to tango and without him, I won't.
As it has no interest...

mardi 29 juillet 2008

Juste un petit bonjour...

Spécialement à Lisa...
Je viens rarement ici de ces jours.
Ce n'est pas par manque d'inspiration mais par manque de temps.
Et aussi parce que j'essaie d'explorer
quels sont les blogs les plus lus.
Inutile de se leurrer, certains blogs ne reçoivent aucun feedback donc, à quoi bon passer du temps et de l'énergie à les écrire.
Ce qui est paradoxal,
c'est qu'ils ont souvent de très belles mises en page.
Comme celui-ci...
Je trouve que ce fond noir est très rafiné.
Comme j'aime les danses reliées aux Arts Martiaux,
je vous mets cette photo-dessin de Capoeiera...
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