jeudi 10 novembre 2011

By the Singing Lizard...

This is the new song and as it was broadcasted by 3 television channels in less than 3 days, it is a bit like an overnight sensation.

jeudi 3 mars 2011

Interview of a Singing Lizard.

I like that video because it kind of glow, like a glossy magazine.
And of course, I adore the voice of this singer.
Who is he?

The Lizard:
He is a baritone from Djibouti, making a hell of a carrier entertaining Somalian pirates with western education and targets!!!

What a program!
Poor, poor guy!
Does he do that all by himself?
Shouldn’t I give him a hand?

The Lizard:
Yeah! He needs a seriously bulletproof vest because apart from those pirates who don’t like his singing, he is mostly put in danger by NATO!!!…

O! I see.
Well, I think I do.
And I’ll think about it and I’ll try my hand at it.
Except that, for the moment, I try to help a Chinese who, for reasons unknown to me, is singing in English AND Greek.
Is there such a huge Chinese community in Greece?

There, I am a little silly because I know for a fact that Chinese companies manage a large part of the port of Piraeus.
It is their main stop in the Mediterranean.
I also know that major trade agreements are being made between China and Morocco.

The Lizard :
Yes there is, every year it’s growing bigger and bigger and we didn’t even had any colonies there!
Imagine if we had!!!
2,500 years ago Alexander the Great had reached up to Tajikistan and created a city there, Alexandria Eshati, todays Hojad (meaning in the Tajik language exacty what “Eshati” means too that is “the farther most”) but China?! Never!!!…

329 BC, to be exact, Alexander conquered Kabul and went through the gorges of the Hindu Kush.
He was in pursuit of Bessus that he captured near the river Oxos River in Uzbekistan.
He advances to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, where the people still wears the same headgear that the ancient Macedonians.
Here he captured the Sogdian Rock, also known as the Rock of Ariamazes, a Sogdian fort.
And there he founded Alexandria Eshati in the Himalayas!

Thank you very much for the information!
That Iskander!

Info :
Arabic name of Alexander, in Turkish, is Iskender.
In fact, in the derivatives, I like Sacha, the most, but I’ve never heard anyone calling Alexander the Great, Sacha, while Iskander, yes, I did!
Quite often, in Morocco.

The Lizard :
He was a great strategist, a conquerer and mostly (it must have been right after he sung “Overcast Sunday” and “O Sole Mio” to the Babylonians I think) all the people of the East still remember him and cherish him almost like the best man who ever stepped on Earth!!!
Nobody can say the same for Bush, Blair, Cameron, Obama, Sarkozi, Merkel, Berluskoni, Zapatero, Papandreou and the rest of the NATO gang country leaders, isn’t that so!!!

Speechless, I am.
That’s an achievement!!!

Info :
Why am I speechless?
Because I know nothing about the singing talent of Iskander.
While I know since a tender age about his dad, and even more about his horse.
Called Bucephales as that poor thing was afraid of his own shadow.
And that clever boy, realised that.
Hence, the name which means 2 heads.
I know also, that, neither I, nor my partner in this, have abused substances.
Because he is at work and, well, I hate altered states.
However, doubt invades me …
Is there not some confusion here?
Unless this is some identification.
Desire, of probable conquests, but with a noble aim, maybe a conquest by music …
or, a reconquesta?
Never mind!

The Lizard:
As far as my knowledge about history serves me well, I think that it was the Egyprians who liked “I won’t go to the Concert Hall” more when Alexander first sung it at the temple of Ammon Ra for the shooting of the “Upper Egypt Got Talent” show!!!
Ancient historian Josephus notes that the 3 Egyptian Priests that were the judges of the talents parading on stage, raved about it!
After that they named him a Pharao and they gave him Egypt to rule!!!

his song, you know.
Where you told me:
“And then you can’t sing.
Come on!
You have a wonderful voice.
And a lot of crooked humor… hehe!”
And I answered:
“Yeah, I don’t doubt the fact that I can sing.
I just wish I had Pavarotti’s or Fragoulis’s voive + their elegance of expression.
But I suppose that I want too many things, don’t I?!…”
And the rest is history!

JESSO (a bit distract):
My Chinese-Greek is again in front of my wall.
Wall and China are 2 words which go together well, no?
I think he is stating something interesting.

No Lizardly answer.

O!I was not aware of such a troika…
Troika, aren’t they supposed to be voted?
Then, very poor, but happy me, hasn’t got a telly.
And I think this is the clue to my ignorance.

Silenced Lizard.

I thougt Egypt was only very high when it comes to movies.

Silence of the Lizard.

Trying to put this wonderful conversation back or in another context.
JESSO: Lol, are you a Belgian in disguise?
Because it looks very much like it to me.
And I should know.

The Lizard :
No I’m not!
I’m an Antarctic leopard seal in human disguise who loves warmth and light more than I love the white in the snow, the blue of the deep sea or the underwater sound of imperial penguin rib bones crashed by my teeth!!!
Anyway, it sucks when black, white and yellow feathers stuff your mouth instead of meat so red, almost feminine!!!

That old story about our ancestors being fish-y invading you mind is making me a bit afraid…
(I had this is mind while asking)

I blocked at that and I was nearly unable to fix my attention on the rest…
Black yellow meat, red, mine…
O! Like in Jessamine?

The Lizard:
Oh come on Jessamine!!!
It’s just the inspiration of the day!!!
Well, I must admit that sometimes I go too sureal, don’t I?!

JESSO: Lemme see!
In fact, Omar Kayam invented al Gebra!
But Belgians, whatever the Frenchies say, invented surrealism.
So, deep down, Belgians are Persians.

This Greek being sometimes a little like a Belgian, so perhaps he is also a bit like Persian, isn’t it?
Secondly, and by the way, I always or almost always, thought that the Parsifal of Wolfram von Eschenbach was Persian, too.

Lizardly silence.

Could you sing a song Arabian-like on our very own Lewis Carollian exchange of today?

Then, an inexplicable move in the discussion happens:
The Lizard:
As far as I’ve experienced in my visit in Wallonie, Belgians are in Western Europe literary by mistake!!!
I don’t know about the Flemish people but you Walloons are so warm people!!!!

Then, you should go to Scotland.
Boy, I love that folk.
I love the Flemishes too, you know.
Wouldn’t I be utterly masochist if I was not?
I learn their language, I holidayed with them, I live in their middle.
And so what the woman who understand me the best and reverse IS Flemish.

Info: some of them. 20Macedonia/Chronology%%% 20Alexander 20wp.pdf

From a joke interview with my favorite singer.
The Belgian number one fan of the Lizard Singing/ Jessamine Radiguet aka C.D.
Soon to be: a fan page on facebook.

mardi 15 février 2011

Overcast Sunday... by the Singing Lezard..

Modes and fashion.

Whether for clothes,
homes or vehicles,
there are indeed currents.
In recent decades,
cars took to roundness what women lost.
What is strange is that,
although most agree that ...
well, Monica Bellucci is gorgeous,
it is only rarely
that we see this type of women
in fashion shows.

As for the houses,
here the fashion goes from blockhouses
to villa's in a villa-ish style.

Enumeration of platitudes
that I'm doing here.
I totally agree with you.
Too bad.

It's the same for Art.
In music,
thanks to recordings,
you can listen
to certain passages of more substantial works ...
and I found that after an influx of tenors
that lasted around a century,
the countertenors from Baroque
are back in force.

This is especially true in radio
I have nothing against it,
but it's a bit tiring
to hear only one kind of voice.

Especially since,
if I enjoy it from time to time,
my personal tastes go to baritone,
even bass baritone.
In pop music and rock and roll,
it's a record
that is often haunted
by the bad guys.
Bad boys.
In repertory called classic,
it's almost never the "Beau"
who is baritone.
Most of the time,
the clowns, or confidants.
Except as stated below,
Don Giovanni!
Who you can’t really call
the ideal son-in-law ...
Or am I wrong?
Bizarre, no?
Since it seems that the majority of men
are baritones rather than...
(See link above:
I do not live miles away from France.)
Are all this guys bad boys?

Ladies, I am very interested
in what you feel listening
to these different male voices.
I invite you to tell me what you think.
Knowing that Elvis ...

Let's talk about style.
What is the trend?
What are your tastes?
As with many things,
personal tastes are constructions.
Or scaffoldings.

If you travel and live and work in a country
other than your native one,
were it only for a few months,
your ear will be educated to new sounds.

Moreover, the same music
does not sound the same everywhere.
At first glance,
this notion may seem strange,
but you know as well as I do:
your radio sounds different
in your kitchen
than in your bathroom.
In a room full or empty.

Such as for perfumes,
music has the power to set our memories.
If you live in a foreign country
your memories will be printed forever
with its fragances and its music.
The more poignant was the experience you made,
then even a weak echo of this period
will reflected in you strongly.
That is exactly what happens
with the music of Singing Lizard.

My Life in Greece
and even more so,
in Crete,
has left traces exceptionally strong in me.
In part without my knowledge.
Or maybe with the passing of time,
I ended up forgetting.

I remember a small restaurant
in the heart of Brussels
where I was with a man
I loved very much ...
Suddenly, the music made me deaf, dumb,
and something rather rare,
blocked my appetite.
Yet the Feta Salad was delicious.

Or this time,
on holiday at Lake Balaton,
where I begged my boyfriend to go
because the wind was swayed the radio frequency
just when she passed a Greek song.
A case of the drop...
All that happened so long ago.

The fact that it was the first time,
I was living and working
in a foreign country,
has probably contributed
in part to this situation.
But if the bosses
in the restaurant where I worked,
had been content
to turn the traditional Greek songs,
I would not have had this extraordinary response
to the Lizard’s version
of Sunday Overcast.
But then, this was hardly the case.

I only have been aware
of this after a certain time
and many emails exchanged with Lizard.
I found his voice
unusually nuanced and sensitive,
emotionally charged
to tell you the truth ...
I thought no one could be indifferent.
I was so convinced.
Lizard and I know it is not like this.
I have to accept it
but I hope his other songs
will seduce you.

Confronted to them,
I had a rather timid approach.
I haven’t got a television,
so I am very little exposed to eroticism,
which I realized only this Sunday
is pretty much present there,
as everywhere,
and at such a hour,
that it let me astound.

Erotica is very present
in some of the videos,
but it's banter,
very caustic
and always in a relatively
explicit symbolic purpose.

I was overly sensitive about it,
so much so that
I was even a little scared of the Lizard.

I associated him with an ogre
not as easygoing as Hagrid,
the Harry Potter’s one.
Pretty funny
when I think about it now.

Naturally, he is vehement.
Passionately politicized.
But it is precisely this,
that brings us together.
It is thanks to the Greeks
that I caught a color in politics.
Especially in Chania, Crete.

When the election ended,
the fascists have won,
at least there,
and I felt a terrible despair
invading my friend’s heart
who obviously were not.

This despair has awakened
in recent times in Greece
for another reason
and is transmitted
through this song’s interpretation
that I love so much.

because the bitterness
win over those
who can not cry anymore,
it is transformed
into sarcasm
by the Lizard,
especially in Nessum Dorma.
It is a Greek adaptation,
a call for awakening
in the current political context.
I'll talk about it later.

A few words about the Ode to Joy,
where he discusses the current difficulty
to live decently in Greece.

As I said elsewhere,
one wonders why
suddenly the most affluent
of the European states
have wanted the annexation
of poorer countries.
With the results
that some of them
are now forced
into a bitter austerity.
This is exactly the case of Greece.

My friend feels that
as a repetition
of what happened during WW2.
But instead of territorial annexation,
a more subtle one.
That of money,
that of the bank’s world's, etc..

I'll speak about each songs
on the margins of their videos.

Synnefiasmeni Kyriaki
means Overcast Sunday ....

This song was created
exactly the day
of the invasion of Greece
by Germany.
In itself,
a whole story already.
Who in our countries
really imagine that?
Who knows this?

It's also a bit strange
to talk to you about it
as I read a book
about the first day
of the invasion
of the Netherlands
by the Nazis ...
I read it last night.
And believe me,
until the bombs fell,
the Netherlanders thought
they were protected
by their neutrality.

This song is part
of the Greek musical memory.
It is often sung in Greece.
At a faster pace,
with the bouzouki’s, cymbalon,
Sometimes, even at weddings.
Most of the time,
it doesn’t express such a dense emotion
as in this Singing Lizard’s version.

The harpist is Yolanda Kondonassis.
She is American
and guessed her origin!
The music is
the famous canon by Pachelbel.
It is,
and it is no coincidence,

For the record,
I never liked this piece of music.
Guess why ...
Because of Rain & Tears
of the popular Aphrodite's Child's.
I suppose you know who they are.....
What was a bit strange,
was that they sang in English
to conquer France.
A true Achilles heel.

What started badly
from Greeks
is heal by Greeks.
While searching
a music from
Miss Kondonassis ....

Right here:
Cardia mou ...
My heart.

Well, yes,
this song is truly laiding bare
the heart of a man of heart.