jeudi 5 novembre 2009

Le renard et le corbeau...

Un jour, que je m'en allais balader
à travers champs,
je rencontrai un renard.
Et quel renard!
Grand, fier, beau.
Et roux, comme il se faut.

Je ne sais au juste,
comment il a fait,
mais il devait cacher un pétard,
car, quelques instants plus tard,
je le retrouvais sous un arbre.
Et là, très bien installé,
comme un fou, il tirait sur un joint.

Et c'était à tel point,
que tous les alentours
embaumaient à en faire chavirer
les chalands jouant....
par exemple: à chat perché!
Et même que le Chat Botté,
qui passait justement par là,
ajouta dans son charabia
au charivari général.

Pour revenir à notre arbre,
le renard ne savait pas,
que c'était un arbre à corbeaux.
Pas que l'arbre les aimait tant que ça.
Mais les corbeaux, eux,
aimaient sa ramure.
bien cachés dans son feuillage,
accompagnés de leur fameux ramage,
ils y lissaient leur plumage.

Enfin, LES corbeaux...
UN corbeau.
Celui-ci par l'odeur suave, allégé,
eut un sérieux vertige:
à en oublier d'ouvrir ses ailes,
Ce qui est très dangereux!
Pour un oiseau,
tout au moins:
qu'il soit moineau,
qu'il soit corbeau!
Dérapant sur sa branche,
Il tomba comme une pierre.
Comme hier,
ce jour-là, était un dimanche...

En entendant ce bruit insolite,
le renard, un peu pèté, lui aussi,
ouvrit toute grande sa gueule:
pleines de canines, de molaires,
très incisives.
Il avait encore toutes ses dents,
c'était un jeune renard,
Donc, pour faire court.
C'est justement là,
qu'atterrit le corbeau.
Ainsi ne finit pas pour autant,
cette triste histoire,
ni pour lui, ni pour le renard,
ce serait trop beau.

Soudain, sans loup,
et sans grand-père,
survint le petit Pierre
Curieuse coincidence,
il venait de faire la connaissance
de l'enchanteur Merlin.

D'un vigoureux coup
de sa baguette magique,
Il endormit le renard.
C'est connu, Merlin,
aime beaucoup les corbeaux.
Les renards aussi, c'est certain.

dans son élan,
il tua le renard.
Mais sans remords,
in petto, il se dit,
"Cela fera une belle pelisse."
Heureusement, pour lui,
pas de trace de la police.
Ce n'était pas la période de la chasse.

C'est ainsi
que finit
du beau renard
et de son gros pétardl

On vous a toujours,
ou presque toujours,
il ne faut pas fumer.

dimanche 25 janvier 2009


Sometimes, you have to re-invente your self...
Especially if you have the extreme luck
to see a Green Flash.
The Green Flash is extremely rare.
But its origin is part of our life as long as WE live:
it was there long before us,
and many generations will live to warm themselves at it.
Should I say, that I invented that allegory when I met...
That very special person?
Many people use allegories to be able to endure
some unbearable sides of their loved ones.
I do.
Starchild, Green Flash...
Never forget, that without the sun, no Green Flash...
I do.
Yes, I must admit it...
I even forget about the Green Flash Magic!
But today, something happened.
And this is why,
that even if you think,
because, I did have doubts myself...
that I mean by it
that my love for the Starchild won't last,
you could be immensely wrong.
You are.
As if it,
that green light
was only a luminescent emanation...
But no, it is only to remind us of the bigger picture...
Everything in that kind of relationship
has to do
both with the Sun
and all its particularities...
As like...
sometimes, you hurt your love,
with only a word, or 2...
To do that,
it doesn't even last as long as the Green Flash,
but it hurt you so much
it hurt you like hell
to see the pain in the other...
it is precisely that sorrow
which makes you realise how deep your loving feelings are...

dimanche 18 janvier 2009

Ahé! Johnny Depp and all that Jazz!

This blog comes orginally from
" Trail of Tears"
I post it also at those places:
(The introduction is about the fact
I like a picture very much as it went well with my page,
you can see it , it is the first one.)
If I haven't post anything lately,
it has all to do with the fact
that I like the horse's picture so much.
O! I can always find a thing or 2 to say.
No worries about that.
Since I read that fantastic book of Julia Cameron,
I am never short about what I could create or recreate.
And I am never short either of words, either of topics.
Like this one:
Many a woman I know have develop
a kind of fixation on Johnny Depp.
And honestly, I always find him very Indian like looking,
so what do you think about that?
I think he is a good actor too
and has a kind of humor I appreciate.
Well, yeah, sure, he is good looking too.
What were you expecting me to say?
Even if I think good looks have never mean
you were automatically a good actor.
Personally I find DiCaprio is NOT good looking,
never found that.
Strange looking, yes.
But what an actor.
But to my knowledge he is just like me,
not one drop of Indian blood
so I'll drop the subject.
My question is...
Yes, I have a question...
Which American actor is Indian?
A simple as that.
The Blacks, I can see plainly by myself,
but the Indians, I am only guessing.
And I could be as wrong as possible.
If you would not know otherwise,
I bet you could say Jackie Chan is one....
I found that:
This blog is just meant to vent the sadness all around...
(one of my best pals there lost a son
and we all share her sadness, last year,
in that quite knitten community,
2 others lost theirs in a span of one week)
Hey, look what I found after a googling search!
I thought so...
Johnny's Cherokee heritage comes from both sides of his family,
but is particularly strong on his mother's side.
Johnny's great-grandmother,
Minnie, was a full-blooded Cherokee.
He also has Irish and German ancestry.
He discussed his ethnicity in a television interview in 2002:
Interviewer: Indian origins?
Johnny Depp: Yeah, I'm a sort of --
Interviewer: Cherokee?
Johnny Depp: Yeah, I'm a mixture of all sorts of things.
Interviewer: German, Irish?
Johnny Depp: Yeah.
Pu-pu platter, yeah.
Combination of weird things.
Indian, Irish, German and god knows what.
Just a mutt, really.
Don't ask me why he wears what is like a sioux headdress.
If I am wrong, tell me.
Here, it is one of those clips, I adore.
Something interesting too.

Iggy Pop, Vanessa Paradis, Chrissie Hynde and Johnnnnnnnnny!
Pic: from Jim Jarmush's movie: Dead Man...

vendredi 16 janvier 2009

Once upon a tale....

Once upon a time…
A New Year tale, a New Year Gift…

Into the inbetweeness:
The Eastern and Western New Years..
So, once upon a time, at yahoo there were many…
Hitches, or is it glitches?
So much so, that many Yahootians decided to emigrate.
They found places, of course.
Easier emigration than in true life!
No Schengen there, no tolls, no planes, no visas, no passport!Only passwords!
About those places:
Some are nicer than others.
Or they suit you better!
For my part, I found ipernity, ning,
and some, many, many others.
(And now, after leaving it a while ago, I found Facebook back!)
I was following my friends, you see.
Not always such a good idea.
Because, just like in “true” life,
maybe even on a higher degree,
friendships on the net can be very taxing.
Some people never get out of their troubles,
whatever you say, whatever you do!
So, after a while, as it was not working for me,
I left some.
But I kept some too.
I left one at Ning.
There, me, a little poor Belgian…
Yeah! A Princess, me?
(private joke, sorryyyy!)
I met a Horse Whisperer.
Then and there,
I did not realised he was that, though.
No, in my eyes, he was only a kind young man.
With a sad story.
Then, he invited me at his place: Jim’s.
I think he couldn’t really find his turn at the other meeting place…
Just like me.
Though, for a long while,
I hesitated to accept his invitation,
as I was engaged…
And the relationship,very difficult then,
didn’t allowed me either time on the net,
either men-friends…
But at the long last, I relented.
And never regret it!
It is one of the places I won’t leave if heaven permit it!
As there I was to meet my lil Chinese Princess.
Yessssssssss! You!
( sorry, privat joke, again!!
It is all about and around, my friend Jo!)
Elsewhere on ning too, to be honest.
And this is by that strange way that at the long last,
we became also friends at yahoo.
For the other blog’s readers:
As some of you know, I had many sites there…
and I can tell you she has a huge one too!
Now, we are connected at 2 places and at 3 at Ning.
There, via British or Americans
as well as on the trail of those
who are Native Americans or from mixed ancestry.
So, not so long ago,
Jo with her flower’s Eyes and me,Lakota Moon,
(I know that by now, you are lost:
this im my Indian Name…
I have always been taken by Sitting Bull.
Many people know he was a Sioux.
To be precise, he was a Hunkpapa, Lakota, Dakota Sioux!
Hence my Indian name.
Luna or Louna Twist is one of my pseudo,
also the name of a Belgian pop group from the 80!)
by a lunar twist,
we fell under the spell of a Red Cloud!
Who is, no secret there, our famous Horse Whisperer.
( no, of course not, nothing to do with either Redford.
Red, yes, but not forded,
or Nicholas Evans!
Only, that Red Cloud,
like the famous Indian Chief,
has a special relationship with horses!
And with people too!)
My other friends there are a Donna,
a White Eagle,
a Desert Fox,
a Cactus Flower
and a kind Barry loving shoes sort of man…
And my Chinese Princess.
Who just like me
has not a drop of Indian blood,
but also doesn’t live in her native country.
As I live a lot in Morocco,
she lives always in Malaysia.
And this has to be followed..
Sorry, Jo (the Chinese Princess)!
It ain’t funny.
The picture comes from Mon Fleur Eyes
( pseudo of the Chinese Princess!)
as you can plainly see it!
With a special thank to you, Jim…

By the way, I found a James Lehman
(true name of Jim, Horse Whisperer, Red Cloud!)
on youtube,
a specialist in education for difficult children…
Blog from yahoo!
Honestly, I have a lot of fun doing

that kind of nonsensical blogs.
And an immense pleasure to post it in different places…